My week in film: “Beauty and the Beast” – March 17

This week I was reminded of the blissful Disney magic after seeing “Beauty and the Beast” in theaters. I also revisited one of my favorite Woody Allen films and, very similar to last week, I stumbled upon some great YouTube content.

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My week in film: “Logan” and “KONG: Skull Island” – March 10


This ongoing series is a week by week overview of my media highlights. This week I talk about my love for “Logan”, my disappointment in “Kong: Skull Island” and my new favorite YouTube channel!

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Hi, my name is Ashley Steinbach. I am a journalism and film studies student at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. I have a passion for the moving image and its ability to tell a story.

I was first introduced to journalism in high school. I was a reporter and, later in my junior and senior years, the Entertainment section editor of my school’s newspaper. I have always been a movie lover. Some of my first and favorite memories revolve around films, so it was only natural to add on a second major in Humanities with a focus in Film Studies.

This blog is centered around my love for film. Enjoy.